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Covid 19


COVID Law Protects Workers

If you get Covid at work you are entitled to being paid for time off work, payment of medical bills and a settlement at the end of the case.

With Covid if you are a First Responder, Front Line worker or Essential worker and you catch Covid then the new law assumes you caught Covid from your job. 

But, a condition is that your job must have at least 15 co- workers or you work in a job where you are exposed to the general public. Some examples of “Public Exposure” jobs (Grocery, Gas station, Government, Transportation, Retail serving trades/essential business or “Big Box” retailer).    

The Covid Law protects any front line worker or person involved in “Essential Business”.  

A Front line worker- Police, Fire, EMT, any first responder, healthcare worker, government or home care worker.

What is essential business- Food, Medicine & Grocery (sales, production or distribution)Any business that sells items allowing people to work from home (Big Box store, Target, Amazon); Construction, maintenance (including suppliers) of essential infrastructure. So, if you are building, maintaining or supplying almost anything that serves any member of the public then you qualify for protection under the Covid Law.   

It is a good idea to get a note restricting you from work by your doctor and if the illness is prolonged then every 14 days get a new “off work” note from the doctor that you are unable to work due to the Covid infection or its effects.  

This law is new and we are still learning how the courts will react but it is clear the law is intended to protect those who catch Covid at work and we expect the categories of workers who will qualify will be broad to fairly protect workers who catch Covid at work .  

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